The General Characteristics of 12 Zodiac Signs for Today.

horoscopeAries (March 21 – April 20).

You have to work for someone else today. Don’t give up but be decided before the persons you have to negotiate with.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20).

You will meet today someone who was very important in your past. Anyway, your reaction is just friendly.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21).

Why waiting for others to make the first step? Taking the initiative you can manage the situation and achieve good results.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22).

You have to finish an issue just with your forces. No one will help you.

Leo (July 23 – August 22).

You have to control your partner’s emotional situation. Today is not one of his best days so you have to do something to change his mood.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22).

You will lose your control today and will say words you don’t mean to. The persons who are close to you will be hurt by these words and it will be too late to apologize.

Libra (September 23 – October 23).

If you want to achieve your goals, you don’t have to lose your attention for what happens around you.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22).

What will begin as a game in the first hours of the day, may convert a serious problem in the evening. A friend of yours will be part of all this.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21).

There is lot of time you have problems with your health but you have avoid them. May be it is the moment to face them. Take care to yourself.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20).

Things are changed between you and your partner. May be your different interests have created distances between you.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19).

If you will put yourself in someone else place, you will understand why things are in this way.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20).

Prepare to live an amazing experience which you won’t easily forget. The consequences will be beautiful.

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The characteristics of Aries


Aries is the first zodiac sign and it is one of the fire signs. It is considered a masculine, positive and basic sign which is ruled by the planet Mars. It is totally a mysterious sign because it summarizes every principal zodiac typologies, making it, very difficult to understand. Aries is considered as a sign which represents the beginning of the life, stemming from two different trends, materialist and creative.

General Characteristics (Male and Female)

The persons who are born in this sign are very allegro, vibrant, adventurous, they are able to deal with tedious activities without showing fatigue. They are very strong and sturdy, known also as the most courageous of all the other signs.

When they have an objective they will realize it with any condition. Aries is the first zodiac sign and the persons born in this sign are almost always the first. They sometimes are leaders, too. Do you want to start a project? You should hire an Aries.

He will collect all the energy it is necessary and will finish the job. The persons who are born in this sign are called the Zodiac Pioneer, they are adventurous and have no fear of the unknown.

This happens because of their ruling planet, Mars, which is known as the fight planet, so, the Aries, as their God, are energetic and fighters, aggressive and always ready to fight, to challenge and to win. The persons who are born in this sign want to take others attention. They just want to start something and doesn’t matter how it ends up, because they are always optimists.

They are sensitive, proud, independent, tolerant, vibrant, determined, dominant, funny, attractive and often even naive. They are active, resistant, enthusiasts, simple, hurried. They also trust in themselves, love the freedom and they inspire others with their works. Those born under this sign are sometimes strict up to rigor. They prefer the changes and divertissement.

They always want to be better, to improve themselves and always to take leader positions, but sometime, their impulsive can cause delusions and failure. Their fighting nature allows them to play the game with dominance and arrogance, but they have a disadvantage, they often start a project but don’t finish it.

They don’t like to be ordered, but adore ordering the others. They can always take the initiative to express new ideas, but sometimes they act following the instincts. The negative part of them is the fact that can be easy irritated by the other persons, so they don’t understand other’s feelings.

They are objective and clever. They like the challenges, the races, action, but sometime they take some unnecessary responsibilities, which cause failures. Those born under this sign don’t have to be afraid, because they are born to be authoritarian.

That’s their nature. If one Aries seems to be shy, then probably he has been under violence in his childhood. These events may have deterred him. By the other side, this violence may create an authoritarian and intolerant Aries. They like action, challenges, being spontaneous, being leaders. They hate waiting, failing and the tyranny.

TAURUS – The General Characteristics!


demiTaurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is an Earth sign, a feminine sign, stable, which is ruled by the planet Venus. It is the beauty, nature, art and music sign. It is a clear sign which can be easy understood. Taurus is the sign of life where the familiar education impact on their childhood accompanies their all entire life. There are few other signs with a rare elegance as the Taurus sign persons.

General Characteristics (Female and Males):

The persons born in this sign love the nature, good food, tranquility, clean ambient, so this is the reason that they cannot live in big urban centers which cause stress to them. People born under the sign of Taurus are patient, careful, determined, clear, reliable and practical.

They love their family and their friends and can do anything to make them happy. They become mother and dad’s who cannot stay without their children. They respect the older persons and dream about a patriarchal family.

The persons who are born under the Taurus sign tend towards a healthier food. They are conservative, too much materialists and love the money. They also are curious, correct, clean, overestimate themselves but they are honest and very jealous, too. It is not easy to talk with them after having a fight, because they are spiteful, but also, if you prove they’re wrong, they are ready to change. Most of them are sensitive, possessive and even egoists. They are artistic types and if they give you their word they will finish it dead or alive. They work too much for enjoying what they have achieved. They ask for a compensation for everything they give or do for you.

Those persons have always a good memory. Their friends love them for their behavior, tolerance and generosity. They have to be careful because there are lots of persons who benefit from their ingenuity. They are funny and friendly so they cannot live without friends, but sometimes they don’t have imagination or fantasy, always asking for material wealthy and not spiritual one.

We can find between them opposite characters, like scientific researchers, original artists etc. But they all are characterized by a deep sense of responsibility, especially the women. They love money, the properties and they have strong solidarity sense, too.

They are more practical than intellectual, and sometimes, they are fixed in their ideas, as much as they may become slaves of their ideas. If someone hurts them, they need support so they will come out from this situation.

They can smile deeply, love deeply and appreciate what they have in life. They have esthetic sense and love art and science. They can also be religious. They are gentile and with a constant mood, but if you provoke them, they can explode and lose control. They are good employees and artisans, but they need time to take decisions. They are realists, a characteristic of the Earth signs.

They are always searching for familiar happiness. Sometimes they are hungry not only for eating but even for sex. They like stability, luxury, natural things, comfort, beauty, pleasure. They hate intrusion, destruction, unclear things, and being under pressure.

GEMINI – Third Zodiac sign fully explained!


GeminiGemini is the third sign of the Zodiac. It is one of the air signs, so it is unstable, positive, masculine and ruled by Mercury. This is the sign of the movement, happiness and the instability. According to the esoteric astrology, this sign represents the double nature of human being: the spirit and the matter.

General characteristics (Female and Males)

Those who are born under this sign often are nervous, intelligent, movable persons, very friendly, active, clever, curious, open-mind, speak a lot, communicative, agile, undecided, energetic, entertaining and very generous.

They like changing, travelling and unusual professions. It is the excessive exhilaration which makes them unstable. They are suitable for every life circumstance, and also, they want to enjoy everything life gives to them.

They have leadership skills and desire to learn. It is very important for them the logic and the reasons compared with their feelings. They often fall into pessimism, but also love to caress and this is what influences the most to him. You can easy know them. Gemini speaks a lot, but this doesn’t mean that they make gossip. Behind them is hidden an intelligent mind, open for information.

They prefer information exchange, they are clever and also they are called the celebration’s spirit. They also have strong imagination and intuition. It happens that they take a lot of responsibility and don’t take care about it. They can easy change their mood, but they can fit well with the situation and can deal with many problems. They give a lot at school but it happens that they can also, fail.

They can fit more with life than with emotions, and can easy adapt the new situation conditions. They are eloquent, insensitive, shrewd, and always have a youthful spirit. The persons under Gemini sign are selfish and also love intellectual challenges. They never take things seriously and also, they are big flirtatious. Although they speak a lot, they also want to learn more.

They are distinguished for clear opinions and give logic suggestions. Their mental freshness makes them look always youth and childish. They can be happy if their affairs go well but if not, they can be immoral and tempered. Life is a party and it has to be celebrated.

They don’t like routine or hard works. It is difficult for them to promise and to maintain the promises. They are gentile and want to help the poor. They use well their external appearance and are ready to use every weapon to achieve their goals. In their best moments they can be fair, but in every case the most important are their personal interests.

They like intrigues and make lots of jokes. They like speaking, newness, variety, reading. They hate working in the same place, education and stupid persons.

CANCER – Horoscope signs!


CancerCancer is the forth zodiac sign. It is a water sign, feminine, ruled by the Moon. It is very complicated and it is difficult to understand, because different natures fall constantly in opposition with each other. It is the sign of motherhood and birth. Her logic is totally special.

General characteristics:

The persons born under Gemini sign are wise, sensitive, emotional, friendly, polite, hospitable, charming, pleasant, patient, gentle and stingy. They are careful and haunting. They don’t are the kind of adventurous persons and also, they don’t like improvised changes. This is the most difficult sign to be determined. We can find in this sign shy persons, without personality and lonely.

But what is true for everyone is that they all love the family, the house and the nature, and also they appreciate the relations with other persons. They have good results at school because they work a lot about this, meanwhile they like free professions.

Their appearance is tranquil and happy but, inside of them they are usually concerned, unhappy and melancholic. They are full of tact and delicate feelings, with emotional sensitivity and development imagination. They love to be applause and gratitude. They are often indecisive, suspicious and inconsistent.

They find pleasure to stay at home, near to their family. They feel happy when their family is happy. They respect their traditions and are active in the community life. The only thing you can do, is giving them the necessary time to recover, when they are in their bad mood.

They can be also stubborn when they want to. If they can’t achieve their goals then they use emotional power to realize it. If even this doesn’t help them, they retire to their own world and think what went wrong. Ruled by the Moon, they want to have lots of children and a big family. They have lots of emotional tempers. It is easy for them to show their affection and sympathy for others.

Sometimes they look like unbelievable, adventurous, able to explore new ambient and to easy fall in depression. They prefer to plan work, love, travelling, and holidays. Those persons have a great memory and can remember stories and past details and can still get excited by them. It will be better for you not to expect surprises, they can only offer economic stability for the family.

They are ready to see everything with optimism, but it is also possible to fall in depression. They know how to use the money. They like children, house, party, villages and romance. They hate failure, advices, objection and imposition.

LEO – General Characteristics explained in details!


LEOLeo is fifth sign of Zodiac. It is a fire sign, masculine and positive. It is ruled by the Sun. Leo is the sign of determination and leadership. In the general symbolic, Leo coincides with the birth of human being. It was considered as a rebirth symbol when with the birth of Christianity. The sign is appeared with the Lion tail.

General Characteristics: 

Born in the sign of Leo (male and female) are sympathetic and extraordinary possessors. They are persons with fantasy, energetic, generous, enthusiastic, loyal, ambitious and charming. They are courageous and fight everyday for their ideals, protecting also, those who need help or protection. They hate injustice and dishonesty, are dominant, feel confident, optimistic, independent and strong-willed. They are leaders just as Lion, the King of Animals, is.

They want to learn more and have influence and clear intelligence in responsibility sense, with a great imagination and poetic passion. Sometimes they are cocky, harassing, talk too much and very ambitious, have difficulties in understanding what they really want, however, they know how to love and are always happy in their marriage. They become good parents and their children will adore them, because they know how to become friends with them and gain their trust.

They are tolerant but often can become arrogant and tyrannical. They rarely get angry but when it happens, they can be very offensive. Those persons born under this sign are magnetic types that attract others like a magnet attract iron objects, that’s why Leos never are alone. They are diplomats, clear, proud, sober and determined to reach their goals by any means. In this way they have many accomplishments in life.

They are creative persons and it is really funny to have a friend like them. It is a really pleasure to spend your time with them. Having a Leo in your team is a good choice because they strictly obey to the rules and finish their job within the deadline. Leos are honest, romantic, philanthropists, stable, powerful, and extravagant. They love the Luxury life, feel self-confident and love their life.

They can easily attract their acquaintances using their fascinating and charming way of being,. They can also be overbearing, self-conceited and sometimes tend to intrigue. They are honest, determined and have an initiative spirit. Leos do not care what others say for them and just continue to walk toward their goals with royal steps.

Despite of the negative sides of Leo’s character, world without Leos won’t be the same. It is easy to know them. They are realists, human and amazing persons. They can afford difficult situations without stress and when everyone thinks that it is over and Leo failed, you will see him triumphant.

They are dynamic and can also be angry very soon, but they don’t want to harm nobody. They like compliments and use the subordinates as pawns to achieve their goals. They are simple, honest, reliable and spontaneous. Leos are the Zodiac favorites. They like luxury life, greatness, children, drama. They hate care, saving, bad people, monotony.

VIRGO – Sixth zodiac sign learn everything about it.


VIRGOVirgo is the sixth Zodiac sign. It is an Earth sign, mainly feminine and it is ruled by Mercury. It is the second human sign and it is known as the sign of criticism, analysis and excellent use of reason. It has also a practical sense of lifestyle.

General characteristics:

Persons born under this sign have a gentle personality. They are reserved, modest, careful, conscientious, reasonable and really good observers. People born under this sign are also shy (especially in love), intelligent, analytical, and critical (they are critical to help others).

They cannot live in different places because they have their habits. They take care about themselves and not only, also with others because they want to feel useful. As they are methodical and efficient, they can do different jobs. They implement their job project with precision and to the finest details. They are well-organized and perfectionists, and sometimes they think that no one could do the things as well as they can do it, but this isn’t true.

They are cold, unapproachable and don’t like the compliments and cannot be affected by those. They need to know and understand the persons before take and give love and respect to each other, sometimes it happens to seek love from persons who don’t provide it to them, and therefore become subject of delusions not only in a relationship but also in friendship.

Virgos often change their opinion but they can also be stubborn. They can rarely accept their errors, and also, they are usually shy and unstable. Everything Virgo does, happens quickly but this doesn’t mean that he/she don’t think or plan them. They learn fast because they are too much intelligent. They like to point out other’s mistakes and are ready to laugh at their face. They hate staying on public or with too many persons and also, they can be very competitive and invidious for other’s achievements.

They are realists, intellectuals, methodical and have a good logic of things. They have lots of ideas but when they fail in something, they can be easily discouraged. They don’t like the danger and always try to avoid it.

They have a remarkable spirit of saving, but should be careful not to become stingy. They think that philosophic concepts are difficult to understand and it often happens that their self – confidence can decrease, making them unsecured for their results.

They don’t like to have good friends for a long time, they try to avoid them. Responsibility makes them nervous so it will be better to avoid leadership positions. They have a good relation with their family.

Their negative characteristics are that they are too much nervous, invidious, traitors and always hit your back. They may become ungrateful, and want to talk about others. They like create to do lists, to eat natural foods, hygiene. They hate the mess, poverty, uncertainty and health risks.

LIBRA – The seventh sign of Zodiac well explained


LibraLibra is the seventh sign of Zodiac. It is a positive sign of air, ruled by Aphrodite. The most important period for the persons born under the Libra sign, are from 14-20 and 36-42 years old. This rule only applies to this sign. Libra is the sign of esthetics and finesse but it is not easy to understand them because they are a little bit unpredictable.

General characteristics:

The most important thing for them is justice. They are honest, equilibrated, polite but aren’t always generous. They know how to help the persons but also, they can profit every time it is necessary. They are diplomats, romantics, friendly, idealist, lovely and peaceful. When they need to take a decision, they evaluate the advantages and disadvantages. The Libra’s born (males and females) hate random and dirty works, hate cruelty, bloodshed and harshness. They are attractive, energetic, sometime thoughtful and have, also, an objective judgment. They sometimes, are dominant. They don’t like to be alone.

For Libras, good things are made in couple. They are balanced types, harmonics and honest. They don’t understand their life without being married. They want everybody be happy. They don’t like to be part of conflicts and will do anything to avoid it, despite the fact that in some cases, they are the cause of the conflict. They are strategists and strong organizers, cultured and refined.

They adore beautiful things and love the human and items beauty (because they are ruled by the beauty planet). They are friendly and like to construct a beautiful world around them. They think a lot and like to share their opinions with others. It is important for them to solve everything by talking and compromising, that’s because they don’t like to fight. When they are with a strong competitor, they don’t lose their mind but keep calm and continue to talk. They need time to take decisions, and sometimes they are naïve, flirtatious, and very talkative, too.

They are also, active, intelligent and ambitious. They are charming and elegant (especially girls). According to the astrologists, Libra is the best zodiac sign, because it represents Autumn, the season when people reap what they’ve sown. They are humans and you can feel good staying with them. Both sexes of this sign like rumors and sometimes, insatiable curiosity can create confusing situations and scandals.

They can often be lazy, forget things and change their opinions. They are modest and love peace. It is good to have them in your team. Their economic situation is stable, despite all types of crisis, they are away from the danger.

They just need approval by others, and hate criticism. You maybe don’t “fall in love” at the first time you meet them, but it is sure that everybody will appreciate and respect them. Their marital life is good, and, even in difficult moments, they are prepared and organized. They like the harmony, kindness, and luxury things of life. They hate violence, injustice, loneliness, vulgarity and being slave of fashion.

SCORPIO – The general Characteristics explained in details.


Scorpion Scorpio is the eighth sign of Zodiac. Its symbol is the letter “m” ending with an arrow. It is a water sign, very feminine. It is ruled by Mars and Pluto. It is a mysterious sign and it has lots of secrets. It is the symbol of secret forms of human being. We can find in this sign the conflict between the passion, the logic and the personality. That’s why this sign is difficult to interpret.

General characteristics:

They are curious, attractive, decided, passionate, and courageous. As they are curious and born investigators, they finish every problem and need to learn every detail. Their intuition helps a lot for this aspect. They also are emotional, special, full of willpower, and gentle. Their symbol is the scorpion, so that’s the reason why, they prefer to kill before being killed. They control their fate and have regenerative skills.

So, just as the scorpion, when lose the tail, a new one will grow up. They will do anything to achieve the success. They are patient, have the sense of business, and love luxury life. They are jealous and suspicious, tyrannical, aggressive and generally proud.

It may happen forgetting their promises and meetings and in these cases use the compliments to avoid the debates. They can keep their secrets safe, so it will be good not to ask question, because you won’t learn anything. When Mars and Pluto are together, Scorpio becomes very energetic and adorable, too. When someone takes what belongs to them, they become nervous and dangerous. For them, a failure today, is a victory tomorrow.

They are reserved, but hide a closed character, an ironic spirit which appears in the most important moments. They have the ability to demonstrate diplomacy. They are mysterious and love to dig into others things and situations.

They will never show their emotions and are very vindictive and brutal with the persons who annoy them. The girls of this sign will become good housewives when they grow up, but usually they will complain for everything and for everybody.

They are perfect specialists and like to put themselves and others, in continuing challenges. The elder persons of this sign, don’t have influence in others, but it will be good to let them acting because that’s what they want, freedom. They have a deep spirit as the ocean and it is not easy to know them. They want to know beautiful, special and clever persons.

They can be faithful, reverent and even funny, sometimes. They have intuition, fantasy and a self-critical sense. They are very friendly and sensitive. A negative side of them is that they can “eliminate” persons who don’t need. They don’t know how to choose the right person, so they may experience a tragic love. They like the truth, convincing others and justice.

The General Characteristics of Sagittarius


Sagittarius This is the ninth sign of Zodiac. It is a fire sign, a double one (because it changes a lot). It is a masculine sign, ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is always in the middle of good and bad, between vice and virtue. The symbol of this sign is the centaur, which means, a half-man and half-beast figure. This is a sign of the people who shoot straight to the mark.

General Characteristics:

The born under this Zodiac sign are optimist, independent, energetic, honest and courageous. They are smart and will always give an opinion. They are careful with financial issues, thrifty but not stingy.

They are always generous, but one negative side of their character is that they are too much nervous. They can be mad even for little, insignificant problems. They are sportive, enthusiasts, polite, honest and logical. But they can also be pretender and dominant . They are always happy, intuitive and curious. They will give anything to learn the truth. The knowledge and the truth are their brain fuel. They are also, interested in religion and philosophy.

They are always searching for the life aims and have strong arguments, but this doesn’t mean they don’t respect other person’s opinions. If they ask you a question, they will do anything to take an answer.

They don’t know which are the limits. They are ambitious, and sometimes they take risks that no one will take. They face difficulties with optimism and confidence and they are always lucky, because of Jupiter ruling their sign. It is known that Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. If they have a barrier or face some difficulties, they don’t try to find something to avoid it, but they fight and always win, this thanks to their intelligence, dominance and optimism.

In their childhood they are capricious, but with only a smile, can be easily forgiven for every mistake they have done. They are courageous and learn quickly. The Sagittarius born (males and females) are adventurous types, they like travelling and mundane life.

The guys are very funny, this is one of the reasons that they are always surrounded by people. They are spontaneous, amazing and tend to exceed their limits. They are very stable but it happens that they frequently change their opinion. They are grateful to persons who respect and help others. They like having a good physic appearance and hate injustice. They are idealists, loyal and justice is their passion.

They love travelling, exploring and recognizing new things. They are strong and they have billions of ideas on their mind. They are original and collaborate with persons who like them. Modesty is their characteristic and also, they are known as religious, but they interpret the religion in their own way by creating their own ethical codes. They like travelling, freedom, laws, and understanding the problem essence. They hate castles in the air, home life, and boring persons.

Capricorn – learn your zodiac sign now


Capricorn This the tenth Zodiac sign, it is an Earth sign, basic and feminine, which is ruled by Saturn. This is the sign of thinking, loneliness, and fear. Capricorn has a strong character, tending to command and urges to achieve the goals.

General Characteristics:

They are ambitious, reserved, practical, attentive, patient, very good employees and they know that it is necessary to work a lot for achieving good results. Capricorn are determined to achieve the goals, are realistic, cold, disciplined, shy, pessimistic, rigid, and serious. They are experts for business, are pragmatic, keep the secrets, and loyal. Capricorn are generally less sensitive and thoughtful.

They are not easily opened to new friendship and that’s the reason why they sometimes feel lonely. But they are charming and always draw other persons attention. They are kind, caring and friendly. They love their freedom and their independence and don’t permit strangers to speak about their problems. They prefer to work and study about something that needs reflection. They prefer a free profession.

They cannot be easily enthusiast, and they usually pessimists. Lots of them have artistic skills and a lot of fate. The symbol of this sign is the goat, which loves to go up to the top where the air is cleaner. The Capricorns are intuitive, efficient, organized and act with maturity.

They aim success, fame and money. What is important for their character is that they will never forget the people who helped in achieving their purposes. They are traditional types and rarely smile, (but they smile inside).

As an Earth sign, they are realists. They wake up early in the morning and think about their work, how to be more efficient and to improve themselves. They are a little bit materialists but they do not exaggerate.

They like to look friendly and polite. They like shopping and they are a little conservators and don’t like the danger. Born under this sign are looking for respect, honor, and tend to be very emotional in their relationships. They want to be leaderships but, also they recognize the fact that no one will give this position to them, so they have to work a lot to make their dreams come true.

Capricorn is the most stable and serious sign of Zodiac. They are usually self-confident and strong willed, but also they are fatalistic and sanguine. They work a lot and also are very persistent, but when they achieve their goals, they become arrogant.

They are able to achieve good results without much energy and costs. They love the occult world, too. They also, have a good memory and an endless desire to learn. But they also, are spiteful, selfish, and proud. If their pessimism lasts they may fall into depression. They like professionalism, loyalty, photographs, and luxury life. They hate unrealized projects, fantasy and funny things.

AQUARIUS – The Characteristics explained in details.


Aquarius This is the eleven sign of Zodiac. It is a masculine, instable sign, ruled by Uranus, but affected by Saturn, too. This is a sign of independence and originality, which lives for the Future. It is considered as the friendship sign.

General Characteristics:

They are quiet persons, fair, good and sympathetic. They are friendly, humane, independent, indifferent, original, inventive and intellectuals. Aquarius are people who rarely get angry and they aim to improve the world. They love to discover the world, are philanthropists, unpredictable and sometimes idealistic, but also a practical sense. They are considered pioneers of thought with progressive visions. They have lots of friends and acquaintances.

Their symbol is the aquifers. They are genial and have great ideas. They are satisfied when others agree with their ideas. They like travelling and feeling free, but sometimes they are capable to think and to organize. They are great dreamers, adventurous, patient , special, visionary, and honest. They have an ironic spirit but they often are lucky in love, because they generous and give importance to honors and titles.

Their presence creates a calming and reassuring effect. The fact that these persons are inventive and creative greatly increases their value. They are wild, fierce and cruel, especially with children, but can occur with others, too.

They like computers and technology. They like to have lots of friends around him but their problem is that they can easily change their mood. They are classified in two groups: The first group includes shy persons, sensitive and kind, while in the second group, are the energetic, and wild, too.

Both of groups are always searching for the truth and ready to change their opinions. They don’t judge, are serious, open mind but can also be perverse, difficult, contradictory, indifferent. They are vigilant, active, and persistent, but not selfish.

They are useful for the society, but also can be dangerous, not polite, and don’t keep the promises. Their enemies hate them. Spirituality and philosophy are dangerous for them because can take them out of reality. They like fighting for justice, dreaming for the future, good friends, variation and thinking about the past. They hate loneliness, rules and imitation.