Taurus Career: You are searching for stability, material security and tranquility. All you need the most is planning your existence. You are called as the Zodiac workers, because they accumulate things, material and artistic wealthy. They create a security base on you. Thanks to the Venus domination, they have a special artistic ability and they like the beauty in all its forms. The most prominent careers are teacher, designer, cooker and everything that has to do with nature.

Love: You will be ok with romance, almost all the year. Be careful because at the end of the year you will have some problems, so it will be good to not allowing your work and your ambition to interfere. Think about what you have to say before you do this.

Work: You will be a little bit lazy at work, but when a door is opened to you, you don’t give the chance go away. If you will try to prearrange things, then this year will be too much efficient. You will do the right investments, especially during the first part of the year. You may have to close some arrangements with your partners. If this happens, try to be fast and clever.

Family: There are predicted some problems and fights at your family, between the members, but despite of this, you will try to bring the harmony back. In this way everything will come back to normality. It will be good for you planning some days away from your home, just to put away the stress and to have fun. Everything will be ok with your family’s and your health.

  • Emotional situation: You trust to yourself
  • The most friendly zodiac signs: Cancer, Leo, Gemini
  • Fate numbers: 5, 9, 18, 23, 63