The most attractive arrested woman during years

So let’s start this topic this way, we all know such as man woman are equaled in front of law and always we think of woman behind bars in our opinions always think of they are some ugly man looking woman.

In this post we have collected the most attractive woman every arrested  in different states in USA. We decided to make our number of  top 15 hot arrested woman by police. This hot fine looking ladies are accused from various different charges such as, theft, drunken while driving, murder etc.. So be careful boys not everything  that glitters is gold.

In the photo below this hot looking lady was arrested for being drunk while driving and breaking road signs.


This other fine looking lady was sentenced for 12 years behind bars after she shoot at a police officer to scare him off her property after didn’t want him to come in and search of illegal substances. The police officer also lost his job after he had no right to brake into her house with no mandate, so her lawyer made a good job for this hot looking lady after she could possibly sentenced even more. During her hearing she said the police officer broke in without even saying police and according to her she was scared and took her husband shotgun and shoot twice in air then she throw it away. Now her case is in next step of hearing and her sentence might turn into probation. Anyway we hope she does not danger at all.


Our next lovely looking woman was caught transporting drugs with her car. In a police pit stop she got busted after dogs smelled she had illegal drugs in her car she was carrying 3 kg of cocaine. During her hearing she said someone else put the drugs in her car she had no idea but anyway her case is still under investigation.


This brunette sexy lady was accused of beating nearly to death in a local bar another girl. According to her she said that the victim had insulted her without reason and while she got a few drinks she turned on her beating her with a snooker rock and braking a beer bottle into her had.


The next woman as you can see she for sure is a good looking one is accused for murdering her boyfriend. She has never accepted that crime but prosecutors say they have a lot of evidence that make her guilty. We hope she haven’t done anything bad but you never know sometimes the outside look is wrong.


This blonde hot lady was arrested with her boyfriend after were caught robbing a local store in their town. They managed to run away but security cameras had done enough to recognize them and in a short period of time they were arrested and sent right away behind bars. She is going to spend her 12 years behind bars.


Our next lady was arrested for insulting a police officer and things went even worse during her arguing she had a knife in her and stabbed the police officer in his leg. Her case hasn’t been  finished yet.


You won’t believe it. This very attractive looking lady with a profession as a model  beat her boss up while made him drunk first and oh boy the beating was so bad that the boss had to put 12 stitches into his forehead. She said that she did everything because he treated her bad and didn’t pay her for a long time and just a night before he told her that in the end of t he week she was fired and he didn’t own her nothing after she wasn’t good enough. Believe it or not the boss is an a**ole.


Our next hot arrested woman was sent behind bars after robbing an old lady. She probably deserve it but anyway hot.


Nice beautiful and hot!! Arrested dealing meth from her house hmmmm.


This angel face has an devil spirit accused of killing her 2 children in her house. She was sentenced life in prison without the right of probation and kept into high security jail.


Our next hot arrested lady was caught stealing in a supermarket after she was brought into the station the officers discovered even more crimes she done, somehow the woman decided to talk by her self and told everything that she didn’t only used to steal in supermarkets but a big number of house thefts were done by her dressing as an old lady. She used to spy the people in the houses what time the live and come and during the time the houses were empty here is the hot woman dressed and masked as an old one. LOL!


This other woman was arrested and sentenced for dealing illegal drugs, and was sentenced for 7 years behind bars.


Our next beautiful woman was arrested for making false id throw the country she is still under investigation.


And our last hot looking lady was arrested for stealing man wallets after she used to meet with them at different bars, turn them on sent them into motels after they were at sleep the lady used to empty their wallets and puts into them after a note that used to say sucker with a big smiley face.


So this was our top 15 most attractive woman’s ever arrested by police during years. Hoped you enjoy it.